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How can we install Batten wiring system?

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In this wiring system wooden batten is used. All the cable of wiring are installed on the smooth batten with steel clips and these steel clips are installed on the surface of batten to equal distances. The wooden batten is installed on the walls of the building with the help of 1.5 inch screws. The batten is available in different sizes such as 15, 20. 25 and 40 mm, usually P.V.C insulation cable is used for batten wiring.
The life period of wiring is 15 to 20 years approximately. This wiring is used up to 220 volts. Always install the switches , sockets, ceiling roses, lamp holders. main switches etc, used on concrete, stone, and cemented walls of the building. When it is necessary to pass the cables through the walls then the P.V.C conduit or metal pipe is commonly used.

Wiring installation method: First of all, draw the straight lines with colored  thread on the walls of the building. Always draw the lines to the height of 3 m above the ground surface. In any condition, the distance can not reduce to this specified limit. After that with the help of electric drill machine make the holes to the marked point on the wall. The distance between these holes is 30 cm or 60 cm and all the holes are made on equal distances to each other. Rawal plugs are inserted in these holes. Cut the batten with the help of wood saw to required length. Now connect the steel clips with nails on the surface of the batten to equal distance. Batten is installing on the walls of the building. A 1.5 inch screws are used to installation of batten on the walls. Install the cables on the batten and tight the clips. All the switches, sockets, lamp holders. ceiling rose, main switch are installed on wooden round blocks. in last whole wiring is tested with megger.

(a) This is a simple wiring system.
(b) IT looks very beautiful.
(c) The fault is found very easily.
(d) Durable and have a good strength.
(e) The chance of leakage of current is very rare.
(f) It installed very quickly.
(g) Batten wiring system has a long life.

(a) The weather effects are directly attack on this wiring system.
(b) Risk of fire is possible.
(c) After maintenance the beauty of this wiring system is not maintained.
(d) The risk of mechanical injury is possible.
(e) It is installed only up-to 220 volts.
(f) Extra cable is used in this wiring system.

(a) If cables are passing under water pipes or walls then metal pipes are used.
(b) Always installed the batten to the height of 5m above the ground.
(c) Use bridge joint when crossing of cables is required.
(d) Use the correct size of clips, if large clips are used then the beauty of wiring is not maintained. (e) Always varnish the batten before installation.

This wiring system is commonly used in homes. bungalows, offices. hotels. laboratories etc. 

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