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How to find start run common wire in electric single phase motor or in electric ceiling fan?

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We know that every person is using single phase motors in his life, we are also using single phase motor. As i am using single phase motor, it is very important to know some about the single phase motors. Finding start, run and common terminal or wires in single phase motors are very simple but most people do'not know that how can we will find at ?. It is very simple and every person how are wants to learn they can learn.
For example we want to find start, run and common wires in a electric ceiling fan. For finding we will use a good multimeter and we will set it on ohms. First of we will touch one lead (of the meter which we set on ohms) to one wire and the other lead (of the meter) to one another wire. And we will record your reading.
Lets call these wire with the name of (A) and (B), and the remaining wire lets call (C) wire.
So for example A-B have =10 ohms
Now touch the one lead (of the meter) with (A) and t he other lead (of the meter) to the (C) wire and read the A-C and Record. Lets say 6 ohms.
Now lets read (C) wire and (B) with meter and record. Lets say 13 ohms.
Now lets add all the A's which is 10+6 = 16 ohms.
Now lets add all the B's which is 10+13 = 23 ohms.
Now lets add all the C's which is 6+13 = 19 ohms.
The highest reading which we find, will be the "Start" winding.
The Next highest reading which we find with the help of ohm meter, will be the "Run" winding.
The lowest reading which we find, will be the "Common" winding.
There fore B winding is = "Start winding"
The next is C winding is = "Run winding"
The remaining wire of ceiling fan or single phase motor  A is = "Common" winding.

I hope you understood all steps, now if you have any question regarding this post then do ask me in comment section.
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  1. I have a red wire going to motor thats coming from the capacitor. its winding has a gray wire coming out of the motor. I assume this is the start winding. I have a yellow and pink wire on what i assume is the run winding. How do i wire these together for high speed? I will be running it off a 3 position dimmer wall control.

    1. First of all find the start, run and common wire of fan by using the multimeter. For example you have 3 wires A,B and C.
      the A is start
      the B is run
      the C is common
      So first of all connect the neutral wire to C wire and then connect the phase wire to dimmer switch input terminal and then connect a wire to the out put terminal of dimmer switch and then connect this wire to B wire.
      Connect the capacitor one B and A wire. After doing this i hope your problem will be solve.
      How ever if you have 5 wire in your fan in which 3 for low, med and high speed then i will tech about soon..

    2. what will happens if connect the capacitor A and C

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  5. I have the following readings for a submersible water pump? YELLOW -RED 35.3 ohms, YELLOW-BLACK 9.9 ohms.
    Them black to red 27.4 ohms?

    when ever I switch it on it trips.. so am not sure if it's a control box or what. And it's not down to earth. Thank you


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