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Electronic Capacitors And it's types

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As you know that the electronic is a very white filed and every person wants to learn some about electronic technology. When i seen a electronic circuit and it's components, my dream is that i learn the electronic. This dream take me in electronic technology and i take intersat in electronic technology. And i find that the capacitor is main thing of electric circuit.
There are some short information about electronic capacitor. However i will publish more information about electronic capacitor. In the below i share some figure about electronic capacitor symbol and it's types (Nor polar capacitors, Elco capacitors, Paper capacitors, Ceramic capacitors).

Electronic capacitors are using in electronic circuits. The capacitor is an electronic components which can store   and release the electrical energy or electrical charge.
The ability to store electric charge on capacitor is called capacitance or capacity.
Capacitor symbol
Nor polar capacitor

Elco capacitors
Paper Capacitors
Ceramic Capacitors 

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