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Choice of Electric Wiring System

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Choice of Electric wiring system :

Different factors must be kept in mind when you are selecting any electric wiring system. These factors are as follows, safety, capacity, nature of work in building , voltages, accessibility, flexibility, future requirements, easy maintenance, economical, wiring cost estimation, weather condition, building construction, heat, rain and switch gears. Some factors are briefly discussed here.

Types of Building:
                                                        If we install a conduit wiring on a abortive wall of building then we see that after some duration the conduits are loose and automatically fall on to the floor of the buildings or hanged on the walls. IF we install a conduit wiring on cemented wall of a building, then this wiring system is durable because the conduits are can not looses. So always choose the wiring system according to type of building.

                 We know that supply company is recommended the 220 volts for single-phase wiring system and 440 volts for three-phase wiring system. Therefore the design of an installation is all depend upon the supply voltages. So, it is better to design a wiring system according to easily available rating of voltages.
Now, we know that the chose of  wiring system upon the voltages that are available from the serving utility at the building site location. The also includes the size of building, type. size and character of the electrical load. Economy and efficiency can be achieved by selecting the voltages which are most applicable to electrical loads to be served. According to selecting voltages we design an electrical wiring system.

Nature of work in building:
                                                                                     IT is recommended that always choose the wiring system according to nature of work in building. If we use the batten wiring in foundary shop then after some duration the insulation of cables to be damaged. If we use the lead wiring in chemical factory we see that after some duration the vapour of the acid damaged the lead wiring. As a result, whole wiring system is replaced and new wiring is installed. Economically this is not good. Therefore always choose the wiring system according to nature of  work, where this wiring system is to be installed.

Weather condition:
                                                              The regulation relates to weather conditions, always exposed to hazardous environments. It is seen that if the humidity of the air is not affected on wiring then it is better but if humidity is effected then always choose the that wiring system on which the humidity of the air can not effected. For example if we install a batten or casing caping wiring on a wet place then we see that after some duration the batten absorb the humidity and become a conductor. If the joints of wiring are loosed then short circuit is occurred through this dumpy wood or wet batten. So, always choose the wiring system according to weather conditions.

                                   The recommended wiring systems have a durable and also have a well strength. The design of wiring system is selected according to nature of work. If we install a wrong wiring system then the durability is decreased. If we choose the wiring system according to nature of working place, where this wiring system is installed then the durability and life of wiring system is maintained in specified duration.

                  Always choose the correct size of cable because if you choose the correct size of cable then this cable easily handles the load current and no any risk of fire and leakage are present in wiring system. The regulation about safety provides a good knowledge related to safe electrical installation.
If the designing engineer have a sound knowledge then the wiring system easily follow the possibilities of future expansion, no risk of fire, good looking according to nature of work and future power capabilities. The installation of the cable must be able to withstand the applied voltage and also any transient of over voltage which may occur. The connection must be sound and suitable for purpose, whether in permanent or temporary installations. Also, where any equipment has been disconnected in wiring, a cheek should be made as to confirm that the connection must be insulated after replacement of equipment for safety purpose.

                          It is recommended that the selected wiring system must be economical, well looking and also have a good efficiency. The consumer easily affords the wiring cost and the wiring is also equal to its requirements. If  a temporary installation is required then the material which is used for this wiring system is not costly, because after some duration this installation is replaced.

                                  A good electrical system provides flexibility. The wiring system accommodates future physical changes. The increased demand of load in electrical system must be rearranged quickly and economically. Flexibility can be maintained only if adequate additional space is easily available.

Switch Gears:
                             The switch gear used in wiring system must be withstanding the fault condition. If we install a switch gear according to correct rating of circuit then our system work properly and in abnormal condition disconnect the wiring system through supply.

Availability of material:
                                                                         Always confirm, before starting wiring system that the material for selected wiring system is easily available in market. If it is easily available then this wiring system is installed in building. But, if the complete material of wiring is not easily available in market then any other wiring system whose material is easily available in market.

Beauty of building:
                                                           The wiring must provide a good look after its installation. In case of cleat or batten or casing caping wiring is used in a modern, beautiful homes then it will spoil the beauty of the building. So, these places concealed conduit wiring is best.

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