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How to control 2 lamps (bulbs) by one way switch (parallel circuit) English video tutorial

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More then 50% people want's to learn the Electric wiring or Home wiring and they also a dream to do it;s home wiring himself. That's way to complete those people dreams to do electric wiring we start Video tutorial in 3 Languages in which are English and Urdu & Hindi.
The today class are about to control to bulb or lamps by one way switch or single way switch. The today class also have a video tutorial form which you can learn easily the Home wiring today class in English language. How ever if you want to learn this in Urdu & Hindi language then kindly do a visit the below link.

Do not miss it if you do not understand the English video tutorial.
How to control the 2 bulb by one way switch in parallel circuit Urdu & Hindi video tutorial.

First you try to learn it form the below figure if you can not learn with the diagram then kindly watch our below helping video tutorial which is from this class.
How to control 2 lamp (bulbs) by one way switch (parallel circuit)
Requirements :
2 lamps (bulbs)
5 pieces of cables
1 switch
connect these all things as shown in below.
controlling 2 lamps (bulbs) by one way switch (parallel circuit)
Here is an video tutorial in English language for learning this class circuit and watch the video tutorial if you could not learn form the diagram.

Having watch our video tutorial, i hope you understood and if you have any question then do ask me in comments section.

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Sikandar khan is pro blogger who's write about technology,learn Home wiring. He makes video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages

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