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What is Electric Wiring System? And which Wiring is Better?

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Installation of different electrical equipments and also these equipments are to be connected by means of cable and other types of conductors is known as electric wiring. Different wiring methods are used for installation, but every method has its own uses. If you have a good design engineer then before starting an electrical wiring system it is essential, you to recommend the good design procedure and factors which are very useful for electric completely safe and sound.

In early days, these was very little planning to be taken in wiring practice but now today the proper planning and design have become essential. Everybody known that electricity is a very good servant, but if we can not control electricity properly then it has become a very dangerous for human life. therefore it is essential that the planned methods of wiring system to be taken and all rules and regulations are also implemented in wiring system.
When  you have plan an installation there are many things which must be taken into account such as, the correct sizes of cables, suitable switch gear, current rating of over current devices and the numbers of outlets which may be connected to circuit. We always choose the wiring system according to our requirements. It is also recommended that, where load nature is low or medium that single phase supply (220 volts) wiring system is better and where load is large such as multy-story buildings, flats, industries etc.
For these places three phase wiring system is recommended. A good wiring system is that, in which there is no leakage is present, well looking, low voltage drop, losses remain in specified limit, wires or cables are not heated, fuses and circuit breakers are work properly. all the switches and sockets are installed to be correct rating and accessible to human reach. In electric wiring system good earthing is also essential. When any fault occurred in winding system, we can disconnect the faulty apparatus for maintenance purpose and other wiring portion is worked properly. This is the good behavior of an efficient wiring system.

I hope you understood, now if you have any question regarding the electric wiring then do ask me in comments section.

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