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What is Overload protector and How a overload protector work in refrigerator Urdu & Hindi video tutorial

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Overload protector

Last class we talk about the refrigerator relay and it's work in refrigerator. In last class video tutorial you learn about the refrigerator relay and function of relay. We use an other things with relay which know with name of overload protector.
What is overload protector :
The overload protector is thing which use for protection. The overload protector protect the compressor to damage.
Function of Overload protector in Refrigerator :
The overload protector is just like a switch and when some wrongness come in electricity then the overload protector switch off the current and compressor will be off.
In Pakistan and India main electricity line have many problem and in these two countries have big load shading. When if some time the electricity have tripping problem then the overload protector switch off the current supply to compressor and after some time they start the supply automatic to compressor.

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Learn in Urdu & Hindi video tutorial about refrigerator protector :
As you know that the video tutorial is the best way to learn easily and the below video tutorial is very important for Pakistan and India people.
So kindly watch below video tutorial for better understanding. Note that this is our 3rd part of Refrigerator video course in Urdu & Hindi if you did not watch our lasts class video tutorial then kindly watch.

Having watch the above video tutorial i hope you learn some thing about the refrigerator overload protector and if some thing are missing regarding this video tutorial then do ask me in comments section below.

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