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What is refrigerator thermostat and what is the work of refrigerator thermostat in Refrigerator

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Refrigerator thermostat

Last's class video tutorial we learn that what is refrigerator compressor and how a compressor work. In today class we will talk about the refrigerator thermostat it it's work in refrigerator. We learn all about deeply in today video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi language which soon below. However let's talk about in English language.

What is refrigerator thermostat and what is the function of thermostat in refrigerator :
The thermostat is automatic switch which is defined on temperature. In refrigerator we use it as automatic switch which on and off the compressor.
When the the refrigerant complete in refrigerator the the thermostat switch off the compressor and when refrigerant become low then thermostat switch on the compressor.
The compressor switch just like a dimmer switch as in dimmer switch we can slow and fast the electric fan. As a dimmer switch we can set one low and high speed. My means that we can set the refrigerant one 1 to 7 speed and we can also off the refrigerant process.

How to wire a Refrigerator Thermostat.
The thermostat just like a one way switch in wiring. But one thing more that we also connect the earth wire to  thermostat. The thermostat wire very simple just connect the main supply wire to the input terminal and the connect a wire to out terminal.

Learn about the Refrigerator thermostat in Urdu & Hindi video tutorial :
There are a video tutorial from which you can learn easily. So for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial.

Having watch the video tutorial i hope you understood. This is our part 5 video tutorial and if you did not our last's classes video tutorials then kindly watch. However if some thing missing in this video tutorial or you have some question regarding this video tutorial then do ask me in comments section.

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