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How to wire three pin socket Urdu and Hindi video tutorial

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part 11

Hi gays how are you, i hope you are all fine and i will be very happy if you are all fine. As you know that i teach the Home wiring an Urdu and Hindi languages. In home wiring we use the three pin socket properly. In Air conditioners and refrigerators we use mostly the three pin plugs and we use three pin socket for three pin plug to plug in the three pin plug.
In three pin plug have three terminals that's way we gave the name three pin plug. In three terminals one is for neutral wire, second for phase wire and third for earth wire.
This meter same in three pin socket because they have also three terminal in which one is for neutral, second for phase wire and third for earth wire.
If we have a earth then we connect at the three pin socket and if we have not a earth wire then we do'not connect any wire to the earth wire terminal.
In Home wiring learning course this is the 11th video tutorial which is in Urdu and Hindi languages. So for better understanding kindly watch the below video tutorial.

Having watch the video tutorial i hope you understood all the steps of the today class in Home wiring learning  course in Urdu and Hindi languages.
However if you have any question regarding this tutorial then kindly do ask me in comments section below.
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