Monday, November 18, 2013

Control 1 lamp by one way switch Urdu video tutorial

Posted by Sikandar khan  |  at  11:09 PM 1 comment

Hey gays how are you, i hope you all are fine. Most people do'not understood the English clearly in Pakistan and most people sent me mail that you start tutorials in Urdu language. So i am starting some new class in which i teach people in Urdu and English video tutorials.
The first thing which i am teaching in tutorials is Electric wiring because the if a person wants to learn some about technology then the main and bisic thing electric wiring.
In today class i am teach about that how to control 1 lamp by one way switch and it is out first class in electrical wiring.
After that i will teach you electric wiring in English language and i thought that teach you all some about Refrigerator and more and more.

So here is a video tutorial in which you can learn the first class about electric wiring learning. Note that the video tutorial in Urdu language.

Having watch the tutorial, i hope you fully understood because i explained every step in video tutorial. Now if you have any question regarding this tutorial then kindly do ask me in comments section below.
Keep visiting................................. Take care.

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Sikandar khan is pro blogger who's write about technology,learn Home wiring. He makes video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages

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