Monday, October 14, 2013

Basic Information about Air Conditioner Urdu & Hindi video tutorial

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As you know that the Air conditioner are numbering in those AC machine which we use mostly in our daily life in summer season . That's way we start the Refrigerator and Air conditioner courses in our blog.
We also start the refrigerator video course in Urdu & Hindi tutorials in our blog. In Air conditioner have compressor and compressor have a single phase motor, and they have three terminals just like single phase motor.
Do'not miss to visit that how can we find start, run and common winding in a single phase motor.

The Air conditioner and Refrigerator is big curse and we will learn step by step however in today class i share some basic information about the Window Air conditioner in below language. Note that this video tutorial is in Urdu & Hindi.

Do'not miss to visit the below video tutorials link in which you can learn the Refrigerator complete course in Urdu and Hindi languages.
Click here to visit the tutorial lick.
If you have any question regarding the class or our tutorials then do ask me in comments section below.
I will be very happy that some one learn some thing from me or from by blog.
Keep visiting...................... TAKE CARE.

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Sikandar khan is pro blogger who's write about technology,learn Home wiring. He makes video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages

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