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How to make a Series board for checking low resistance machines

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Hay gays how are you. As you know that i also make a post about how to make series board for checking electric instrument and you may also visit here with the below link.
How to make a Series board for checking electric instruments.

Today we make another type of Series board. It is just like our last series board but we add a one way switch. And by using one way switch we can find  short circuit in low resistance machine.

Make a Series board for checking low resistance machine.
1 lamp (bulb)
1 one way switch
1 two pin socket
AC power supply 220 volts
5 pieces of electric cables

Connect all things as shown in below figure.
Series board 2

How this Series board are work :
The is a simple circuit and we can check  every electric instruments and machines. Another advantage of this board is that is not only a Series board but it also a one bulb and one way switch circuit. If a person have  no electric machine to check in his workshop or home then he can use this circuit for just glowing bulb.
Now lets come to the point that how can we check short circuit in electric machine by using this.
So first of all we switch off the one way switch and then we plug in a machine plug which we want to check.
If the bulb is glow dam its means that the machine is all right and you can use it. If the bulbs is not glowing then it's mean that the machine a have a open circuit.
Come to the low those machine who's have very low resistance. So first of all plug in machine plug the bulb is glow up then switch one the one way switch. If you find some different in glowing bulb it's means that the machine have no problem and you can use it.
If both time bulb glowing is same its means that the machine have short circuit.

I hope you understood all the steps and if you have any question then do ask me in comments section below. However i will explain the circuit in Urdu and Hindi video tutorial soon.
Keep visiting and take care.

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