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How to connect two pin sockets in Parallel circuit Urdu and Hindi video tutorial

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part 8

Today i am going to share with you another video tutorial in which we will learn that how can we wire  two pin sockets in parallel. It is our 8th video tutorial in our home wiring Urdu and Hindi tutorial course.
How ever we also published a figure about this class but every person know that the video tutorial is a way to learn easily.
In this video tutorial i teach that how can we control socket in parallel step by step. However i you can watch our last classes video tutorial in below.

How to control two bulbs by one way switch Urdu and Hindi video tutorial
How to control two bulbs by one way switch  in Series Urdu and Hindi video tutorial
How to control bulbs by switches Urdu and Hindi video tutorial

So come to point there are video tutorial below in which you can learn that how to wire sockets in Parallel.
Some requirements for connecting bulbs in parallel circuit.
3 two pin socket
6 pieces of electric cables
AC supply 220 volts

Kindly watch the below video tutorial for better learning.

Having watch the video tutorial, i am very happy that you learn some thing form me. Now if you have any question then do ask me, i will be answer in reply.
keep visiting........... and Take care.

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