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How to connect lamps (bulbs) in parallel Urdu video tutorial

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bulbs in parallel 

Electric wiring is good job if a person have no work and he is free then i advised him to learn the electric wiring and then earn money by electric wiring. In electric wiring mostly 2 connection are using, one is series and the 2nd is parallel.
Last class we connected lamps (bulbs) in series and now in this class i am going to share with you a Urdu video tutorial in which i connected lamps (bulbs) in parallel.
In series circuit voltage are different and current are same but in Parallel circuit is totally different. In Parallel circuit voltage are same and current are different.
So lets come to the point in the below video a share figure in which i connected lamps (bulb) in parallel. I explained every step of today class in below video tutorial.
Note that the tutorial in Urdu language. How ever you can visit some useful links which are below.

How to connect one lamp with one way switch (Urdu video tutorial)
How to connect lamps in series (Urdu video tutorial)

For better understanding kindly watch the video tutorial, however you can share it with your friends.

Having watch the video tutorial. I hop you like it and you are understood. If any type of question you have then kindly do ask me in comments section.

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