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Which Capacitor work better in ceiling fan?, if voltage are low.

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As you know that we also published a class about ceiling fan and it's capacitor. Last class we learned that which capacitor we are use in electric ceiling fans. And we also learned that we are using 3.5uf motor running capacitor in AC electric ceiling fans.
3.5 uf motor running capacitor are working very good in AC electric ceiling fans. If voltage are 220 volts. But if voltage are low then what shall we do?
Voltage are coming  mostly low in Pakistan, India. Those places in which voltage are coming 100 volts to 150 volts. And the case of low voltage we can use 3.5 uf capacitor but the fan is working very low speed. 
Now in low voltage case. You shall use 4.5 uf or 4.0 uf in ceiling fan. And after you shall use replace the 4.0 uf capacitor. We will find that our ceiling fan is working good.
When you will use 4.0 uf or 4.5 uf motor running capacitor in low voltage case on ceiling fan. We will find that our ceiling fans is  working with good speed.
Note that do not use 4.0 uf or 4.5 uf capacitor in case of full voltage (220 volts). 

Now if you have any question then do ask me in comment section below.

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