Friday, November 1, 2013

Internal and External part of DC machine

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Hi guys, DC machine uses are very high and we use DC machine mostly in our life. We know that DC machine uses are mostly but we do'not known about it's part.
However a electrical student stayed in his collage life mostly and mostly in 2nd year of DAE electrical.
So in this class i am going to share with you a figure an which you can seen all internal and external parts of a DC machine.
In the below figure we shown blower housing, Armature Banding, Brush holder, Bearing Retainer, Blower Fan, Riser connection, Bearing, Brush holder insulator, Brush holder lead, Solid Cover , Brush holder spring Brush, Motor leads, Junction box, Inerpole windings, interpole iron, stator foot, Vented cover Bearing retainer, Armature winding, Cooling fan, Motor shaft, Load spring, Eye Bolt, Bearing housing Shunt coil winding, Shunt pole iron , Blower motor etc. How ever you can seen in the below figure.
DC machine

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