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What is Earthing Lead?

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earthing lead

The earthing lead is the final conductor to earth electrode. The color  of earthing lead insulation is green. This is the final conductor which makes the connection between the earth connecting point and earth electrode. The copper wire and strip can be used as earthing lead. When we use the copper wire enclosed in (G.I) pipe and then made connection to earth electrode. It is recommended that the earthing lead is jointed with earth electrode at least two places. The joint between earthing lead and earth electrode should be covered with bitumen before burying the plates in ground. The joints must be tight and clean for sound earthing. The (earth electrode) is mechanically sound and protected against mechanical damage and collision. The earthing lead must have a minimum size of 66 m2, with a maximum of 20 mm2 according to circuit conductor size. The earthing lead actually completes two grounding paths to the grounding electrode.
(1) The path from the earth continuity conductor.
(2) The path from the equipment grounding conductor when a wire is used as the equipment grounding conductor.
The material for earth lead is copper, aluminum etc are commonly used. When we install a earthing lead without an enclosure, it must be securely fastened to the construction surface on which it is carried.

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  1. A very impressive content based on GI Earthing Electrode which meets all today requirements. Now the trend has come that, we have to move toward rod earthing instead of chemical earthing.


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