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USB Cable wiring explanation

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USB the numbering in those electric device which uses is very much in our daily life. USB means Universal Serial Bus. Today we are taking a short class about the USB (universal serial bus) cable wiring. As in AC home wiring we use the red wire for Phase and black wire for Neutral wire same in USB (universal serial bus) we use some colors for its working.
For example we have a USB mouse and when we check it's wires or wiring. We find that there are 4 wire and one earth wire.
Earth wire have no connection with USB mouse circuit.
For example they are Red, White, Green and black then Red wire for positive current which have +5 volts.
The White wire for USB muse data positive +. The Green wire for USB mouse data negative - and the Black wire for GND (negative current or ground)
USB instruments are mostly use in our life. In this class we going to share a figure in which USB cable shown with its work.
USB Cable wiring
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