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Tough Rubber Sheath electric cables (T.R.S electric cables) or C.T.S electric cables

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T.R.S or C.T.S electric cables

T.R.S or C.T.S electric cables
Tough rubber sheath (T.R.S) protection , first introduced by the St. Helens cable Co., under the name C.T.S (cab tyre sheath) is usually lapped on to the already insulated conductor. In tough rubber sheathed cable, the conductor is insulated with  vulcanized rubber insulation. T.R.S cables are manufactured in this way that the cables are with stand the mechanical damage. A hard rubber  cover is used to protect the cable from external damage effects. In this type of cables hard rubber or thermo plastic cover is used on single core, two core or three core V.R.I cables. This type of cable is commonly used in open  wiring system. The external sheath cover provides the mechanical protection not for electrical insulation to the cable. The diameter of sheath cover is 1/2 cm approximately.

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