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Electronic Transistor and Transistor symbols

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We are starting the a new course in which we talk and learn about the electronic components and its work.
As you know that the electronic components is very important and i hope there the life is very difficult with out the electronic technology.
This is our first class in electronic components and we will learn more about electronic components and it;s work. We also learn that how to test a electronic component with the help of meter.
However in today class we talk shortly about the electronic transistors.

Electronic Transistor :
Electronic transistor are among the main components in electronic. Electronic transistor made by germanium diodes two are put together. Working voltage of the transistor with a diode is 0.6 volts.

Transistor examples :
C 828, FCS 9014, FCS 9013, Bu2507DX, BU2520DF, TIP 31, TIP 32, C5149, C5804 etc.

Transistor have three legs are :
Emitter (E)
Colector (C)
Base (B)

There are two types of electronic transistor namely.
NAP transistor (cathode anode cathode / anode feet together)
PNP transistor (anode cathode anode / cathode feet together)

Transistor symbols :
PNP Transistor symbol

NPN Transistor symbol

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  1. Thanks for giving the information as well as displaying the symbols of Obsolete Electronic components such as a transistor.It may be helpful to improve practical skills of electrical or electronics engineering students and hobbyists.

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  3. Please help me to purchase transistor CQ 529


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