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Classification of cable W.R.T insulation core, voltage grade and current carrying capacity with table

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The construction of cable is that to envelope the conductor in a non-conducting material. The insulation is this material in which the electricity can not flow.
For cable insulation there are many insulation material are used such as P.V.C, mica, paper,, rubber etc.
The purpose of insulation is that to provide protection against electric shock, leakage of current and fire etc.
In the below table the insulation for conductors are listed.
"The materials used for wires and cable insulation are vulcanized rubber, varnished cloth, impregnated paper, vinyl plastics, polyethylene, cotton and silk etc.
(1) Vulcanized rubber insulated cable.
(2) T.R.S or cabe-tyre sheath cable.
(3) Impregnated paper insulation cable.
(4) Poly-vinyl-chloride cable.
(5) Varnish cambric insulted cable.
(6) Poly chloroprene cable.
(7) Armoured cable.

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