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All types of Diodes

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In electronic circuit we use many types of electronic components and there are many types of each component. For example there are two types of transistor called NPN and PNP transistor. NPN mean's negative positive negative transistor in which one leg is positive and two are negative. PNP transistor mean's positive negative positive transistor in which one legs is negative and two other is positive.But there are many modal of transistor.
Today we talk about the electronic diodes. Diode is make by semiconductor. There are many types of diode however you shown some types in below figure.
Diodes is mostly use in electronic circuit and i hope there is no one circuit in electronic which do it's work with out uses of diode. There a short note about the diode however we will publish some more electronic technology in our blog.

Diode is a specialized electronic component. A diode have two electrodes called the anode and the cathode. Most types of diodes are made with semiconductor materials such as germanium or selenium, silicon. Diodes can be used as singnal limiters, rectifiers, switches, voltage regulators, signal modulators, signal demodulators, signal mixers and oscillators.
Diodes have many types, and all types of diodes shown in below figure.
All types of diodes

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